4-5 september, Universitetshuset, Uppsala
Internationell symposium "Inverted Runes: New Perspectives on Literary Translingualism". För mer information se evenemangets hemsida. Ladda ned evenemangets affisch.

10 sep kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3
Seminarium “Patriark Tichon. Från biografi till ikonogafi” med Per-Arne Bodin (Stockholm). 

UCRS i media

8 aug 2015, DN
Forskare varnar för risker med ryskägt kärnkraftverk

9 jul 2015, SVD
Armenisk protest oroar makten i Kreml
Dr. Martin Kragh om protester i Armenien

27 jun 2015, Aftenposten
Hissig ordkrig mellom Russland og Vesten uroer eksperter
Dr. Fabian Linde intervjuad om det nya kalla kriget.

Political Marketing Conference at the UCRS

Conference participants

On 13-14 August, 2015 Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies hosted a conference entitled ” Old and New: Tradition and Innovation Within the Political Marketing Discipline”. The conference was the fourth edition of Political Marketing Forum. Previous editions were held in the University of Illinois, US (2012), in Budapest, Hungary (2013) and Bucharest, Romania (2014). Complementary to the classic purpose of the Forum which is to join and bridge political marketing experiences from various societies and elections, different views and opinions, and discussions on possible new paths to take the theory and practice of political marketing were of great interest in the 2015 event. The 2015 Political Marketing Forum was again greatly honored to host Professor Bruce Newman, academic, practitioner and author, the editor of the Journal of Political Marketing, as the keynote speaker. For more information about the conference please visit conference website.

Dr. Dominika Borg Jansson talks about her book on human trafficking

Dr. Dominika Borg Jansson talks about her recently released book on human trafficking "Modern Slavery. A Comparative Study of the Definition of Trafficking in Persons" (Brill/Nijhoff, 2014). The book discusses why, despite international anti-trafficking efforts, there are so few trafficking convictions worldwide.

Professor Stefan Hedlund talks about his book "Putin’s Energy Agenda"

In Putin’s Energy Agenda, Professor Stefan Hedlund explores both the background of energy relations between Russia and Ukraine, and the role that the massive energy windfall has played in building a prosperous and increasingly militarized Russia.


Vid centrum bedrivs tvärvetenskaplig forskning om Ryssland och de postsovjetiska statsbildningarna. Forskningen är organiserad utefter tre tematiska huvudområden: stat och marknad, identitetsformation och Rysslands grannländer. Vart och ett av dessa huvudområden leds av en särskild forskningsledare. Läs mer...


Volodymyr Kulikov 1 Sep-1 Feb
Chris Marshall 31 Aug-15 Jan
Emily Trudeau  1 Aug-18 Sep

Komplett gästforskarlista 2015


För att hitta fler publikationer från UCRS, följ länken Publikationer.

Article by Johan Matz:"Did Raoul Wallenberg try to leave Budapest in January 1945 with jewelry and 15–20 kg of gold hidden in the gasoline tank of his car? On sensationalism in popular history and Soviet disinformation" in Journal of Intelligence History.

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Article by Johan Matz "‘All Signs Indicate that Gestapo Agents Murdered Him’: Soviet Disinformation, the Katyn massacre and the Raoul Wallenberg Case, 1945–7"

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Article by Michal Smrek "The Failed Slovak Referendum on “Family”: Voters’ Apathy and Minority Rights in Central Europe"on balticworlds.com. 

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