1 dec kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3
Seminarium “The Making of a National Drink: Tea as a Broker of Cultural Contact and Russia’s Window on Asia” med Ilya Vinkovetsky (Vancouver) 

3 dec kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3
Boklansering av “Married to the Empire. Three Governors' Wives in Russian America 1829-1864” med Susanna Rabow-Edling (UCRS) 

4 dec kl. 10:00 Gamla torget 3
Seminarium "Opposition as 'Work in Progress'. Examining recent elections in Belarus and Azerbaijan" med Sofie Bedford (UCRS) och Laurant Vinatier (UCRS)


"Europe under Stress: The End of a Common Dream?" 12-14 June, Tartu, Estonia. Deadline for proposal submission: 20 February 2016. See Call for Papersor conference website for more information. 


UCRS announces six one-month visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016. The deadline is 15 January 2016. For more information download the fellowship announcement.


UCRS PhD Student Association announces one visiting scholarship for a PhD student pursuing research relevant to that of the UCRS. The application deadline is 15 January 2016. Download the scholarhip call for more information.

UCRS i media

18 okt 2015, GP
EU-projektet är i akut behov av politiskt ledarskap

30 sep 2015, SR
Telia Sonera säljer verksamheter
Dr. Martin Kragh om Telia Sonera i Eurasien

29 sep 2015, SVT
Gomorron Sverige
Prof Elena Namli om mötet mellan Obama och Putin

28 sep 2015, SVT
Dr Martin Kragh om en ny estnisk kanal på ryska.

15 sep 2015, SVD
Står vi pall om Ryssland sätter hårt mot hårt?

UCRS announces six one-month visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016

Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian studies (UCRS) is pleased to announce six one-month visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016. Applications are invited from highly qualified scholars conducting research in a field relevant to one of the three tracks that make up the UCRS research agenda:

* State and Market

* Identity Formation

* Russia's neighboring countries  

Visiting Fellows may be at various phases of their careers, from early stage post-docs to well established scholars. Applicants must hold a PhD degree or equivalent. Besides academic excellence, documented in a strong publication record, a key factor in selection is the potential for a research period to be mutually beneficial for both the visitor and for the UCRS. Visiting Fellows are expected to be active members of the UCRS research community. Applications should consist of a concise CV and a project proposal, neither to exceed two pages.

The deadline is January 15, 2016.  Please e-mail your application to the Research Director responsible for the respective track with a copy to the UCRS Information Officer Jevgenija Gehsbarga jevgenija.gehsbarga@ucrs.uu.se . For further information, please contact the Research Directors responsible for the respective tracks. 

State and Market: Professor Stefan Hedlund (stefan.hedlund@ucrs.uu.se)
Identity Formation: Professor Elena Namli (elena.namli@ucrs.uu.se)
Russia's neighboring countries: Professor Li Bennich-Björkman (li.bennich-bjorkman@ucrs.uu.se)

Svetlana Alexievich’s Monument of Many Voices

Photo Majaq Julén Brännström

Svetlana Alexievich has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature for “her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time,” in the words of the Nobel Committee. Her five books to date comprise a cycle entitled “Voices from Utopia”, which explores the human consequences of war, nuclear disaster and the collapse of an empire. Alexievich’s subject matter - the Second World War, the Soviet-Afghan War, the Chernobyl accident and the disintegration of the Soviet Union – centers on pivotal historical events and their tragic aftermath. Yet it is not primarily the events themselves, but human emotions and reactions to them that Alexievich documents and chronicles. Her method combines journalistic and literary approaches. For each book, she has interviewed 500-700 people of different ages, backgrounds and professions about their memories of these events. This extensive documentary material is then sorted, arranged and distilled into a literary form, which the author describes as “a novel comprised of voices from life itself” (from the author’s diary excerpts included in War’s Unwomanly Face). The result is a griping, many-voiced narrative of Soviet history from perspectives typically omitted from official Soviet accounts, as well as from many Western history books. In particular, the experiences of women and children are brought to light. This choir of “voices from utopia” offers the reader a deeper understanding of homo sovieticus, as well as insights into the universal human condition. Alexievich is currently working on a new book about “love in a time of hate.”

All of Alexievich’s works are currently available in French, German and Swedish translation. Selected works are also available in other languages, including English. The list below gives their English titles, followed by the original date of publication in Russian.

War’s Unwomanly Face (1985)

The Last Witnesses (1985)

Zinky Boys: The Record of a Lost Soviet Generation (1989)

Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster (1997)

Time Second Hand (2013)

On Monday, November 9, a literary evening devoted to Alexievich’s work will be held, entitled “The Monument of Many Voices”.

Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, who has translated three of Alexievich's works, and the documentary filmmaker Staffan Julén, will discuss Alexievich's books and their cooperation with her. Julie Hansen, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages, will moderate the discussion, and the audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to the speakers.

The literary evening is open to all interested! It will be held at 17.30-19.30 in Ihresalen, Engelska Parken. The event will be held in Swedish. For more information please see the invitation (in Swedish).

This event is arranged by the Faculty of Languages in cooperation with UCRS.

Congratulations, Dr. Heffermehl!

(from left): Prof. Elena Namli (co-supervisor), Dr. Fabian Heffermehl, Prof. Mattias Martinson (supervisor) and Prof. Per-Arne Bodin. (opponent)

On Friday 31 October our colleague Fabian Heffermehl defended his PhD thesis entitled "The Image Seen from the Inside, Mathematical and Iconoclastic Concepts of Florensky’s reverse perspective”. Congratulations Dr. Heffermehl!

Fabian Heffermehl combines art, religion and natural sciences in his doctoral thesis on Pavel Florensky

On Friday, October 30, Fabian Heffermehl is defending his PhD dissertation entitled “The Image Seen from the Inside, Mathematical and Iconoclastic Concepts of Florensky’s reverse perspective”. In this dissertation, Fabian Heffermehl introduces new perspectives on how the mathematical science inspired Florensky to become an art theoretician. During the 19th century the famous Russian mathematician Nikolai Lobachevsky introduced a completely new view on how space is constructed. Florensky developed this and other theories into a metaphysical system of painting, which was close to the artistic experiments of the Russian avant-garde.

Pavel Florensky became known as a universal Genius of the 20th century, and is sometimes called Russia’s Leonardo da Vinci – although he was not completely Russian. He was born in Azerbaijan in 1882 to a Russian father and an Armenian mother. He studied mathematics at Moscow State University, and upon his graduation in 1904, was offered to continue his research career. He declined the offer and instead started his studies in theology and became a priest in Sergiev Posad – a small town situated in the vicinity of Moscow. During the coming years he wrote numerous articles on everything from linguistics and anthropology to ethnology, physics and oceanography, and was at the same time associated with some of the most prominent artists, writers and philosophers of the Russian modernism. After the revolution of 1917 he started working as an engineer and lecturer of art history. During that time he wrote several books on the Orthodox icon, which were published for the first time thirty years after his death. In 1933 he was accused of counter-revolutionary activities, and sent first to Siberia, and then to the infamous labour camp of the Solovetsky Arkhipelago, where he was executed in 1937.

The dissertation delivers a much-needed contribution to the research on how art develops in interaction with other fields of thinking, like the natural sciences and religion. At the same time it shows the heterogeneity of Russian culture and science in the first years after the revolution, before the centralization under Stalin’s regime.

The dissertation is available on Uppsala University website. The defence will take place on Friday the 30th of October at 13.15 in Auditorium Minus, Museum Gustavianum. NB! The defence will be held in Norwegian.

Susanna Rabow-Edling uncovers the lives of women in Russian Alaska

UCRS congratulates Dr. Susanna Rabow-Edling with the publication of a new book entitled “Married to the Empire. Three Governors' Wives in Russian America 1829-1864”.

The Russian Empire’s American holding, Alaska, was governed by men who fought to bring trade as well as “civilization” and “enlightenment” to the colony. Many histories tell and retell that story, but there’s another side. In 1829 the Russian-America Company decreed that women would be central to their “civilizing mission.” Any governor appointed after that date had to have a wife. Married to the Empire. Three Governor’s Wives in Russian Alaska sets the context for that RAC decision and explores the lives of three governor’s wives: Elisabeth von Wrangell, Margaretha Etholén, and Anna Furuhjelm. Each woman left behind writings that reveal both personal and cultural struggles—and insights—while working to fulfill the mission that brought them to Novo-Archangel’sk.

Susanna Rabow-Edling is associate professor in Political Science at Uppsala University and a senior research fellow at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies. Her research interests include nationalism, liberalism, gender and imperial history. On December 3 we will have an official launch of the book in our library on Gamla torget 3 starting at 15:15. To order the book please visit University of Alaska Press webpage.

Svetlana Aleksijevitj, grattis!

Foto: M.Kabakova

UCRS launches “UPTAKE”, a twinning project with EU funding

Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, UCRS, has received funding from the European Commission for a three-year “twinning” project, to be undertaken together with the Centre for EU-Russia Studies at Tartu University and the School of Politics and International Relations at Kent University. The funds have been allocated from the EU’s “Horizon 2020” Work Programme 2014-2015, based on an application that was titled “Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent.” The proposal evaluation was highly positive, awarding 15 out of 15 points possible. To be known as “UPTAKE” (UPsala-TArtu-KEnt), the project is designed to enhance research productivity and excellence at Tartu, and to promote the international visibility and integration of all three partners in the field of Russian and East European Studies. More specific components will be to organize an annual international conference at Tartu, to hold an UPTAKE lecture series at Tartu, to promote inter-institutional academic mobility and the formulation of joint research projects and proposals, to organize international summer and winter schools for PhD students and postdocs, and much more. The project will be led from Tartu. Main responsibility at Uppsala will rest with Professor Stefan Hedlund.

Dr Greg Simons has been accepted as Docent in Political Science at Uppsala University

Dr Greg Simons has been accepted as Docent in Political Science at Uppsala University. The decision was reached by the Docent Board on 11 September 2015. In the evaluation report of his research by Emeritus Professor Stig-Arne Nohrstedt from Örebro University, it was mentioned that there is potential in the future to reach the potential of being an "excellent researcher". On a separate note, Dr Simons has also been invited to join the Senior Editorial Board of the Journal of Political Marketing by the Editor in Chief, Professor Bruce Newman

Political Marketing Conference at the UCRS

Conference participants

On 13-14 August, 2015 Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies hosted a conference entitled ” Old and New: Tradition and Innovation Within the Political Marketing Discipline”. The conference was the fourth edition of Political Marketing Forum. Previous editions were held in the University of Illinois, US (2012), in Budapest, Hungary (2013) and Bucharest, Romania (2014). Complementary to the classic purpose of the Forum which is to join and bridge political marketing experiences from various societies and elections, different views and opinions, and discussions on possible new paths to take the theory and practice of political marketing were of great interest in the 2015 event. The 2015 Political Marketing Forum was again greatly honored to host Professor Bruce Newman, academic, practitioner and author, the editor of the Journal of Political Marketing, as the keynote speaker. For more information about the conference please visit conference website.

Dr. Dominika Borg Jansson talks about her book on human trafficking

Dr. Dominika Borg Jansson talks about her recently released book on human trafficking "Modern Slavery. A Comparative Study of the Definition of Trafficking in Persons" (Brill/Nijhoff, 2014). The book discusses why, despite international anti-trafficking efforts, there are so few trafficking convictions worldwide.

Professor Stefan Hedlund talks about his book "Putin’s Energy Agenda"

In Putin’s Energy Agenda, Professor Stefan Hedlund explores both the background of energy relations between Russia and Ukraine, and the role that the massive energy windfall has played in building a prosperous and increasingly militarized Russia.


Vid centrum bedrivs tvärvetenskaplig forskning om Ryssland och de postsovjetiska statsbildningarna. Forskningen är organiserad utefter tre tematiska huvudområden: stat och marknad, identitetsformation och Rysslands grannländer. Vart och ett av dessa huvudområden leds av en särskild forskningsledare. Läs mer...


Andrey Semenov 7 sep-4 dec
Vasil Navumau 1 sep-31 maj
Volodymyr Kulikov 1 sep-1 feb

Komplett gästforskarlista 2015


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