28 apr kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3 
Boklansering av "Citizens at Heart? Perspectives on integration of refugees in the EU after the Yugoslav wars of succession". Li Bennich-Björkman, Roland Kostić och Branka Likić-Brborić (eds.).

29 apr kl. 09:30 Gamla torget 3
Heldagsseminarium ”Digital Diaries: Resistance, Self-Representation and Civic Journalism in the Russian-Language Internet”. För mer information ladda ner Programmet samt Abstracts & Bios. Anmälan: mikhail.suslov@ucrs.uu.se  

29 apr kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3
Boklansering av "Eurasia 2.0: Russian Geopolitics in the Age of New Media" by Mikhail Suslov and Mark Bassin (eds.). För mer information se inbjudan och besök förlagets hemsida.

3 maj kl. 15:15 Gamla torget 3
Seminarium ”Nation-Building in Times of Conflict: The Discursive Construction of Russian National Identity and the 2008 War in Georgia” med Marina Henrikson (UCRS)


12-13 apr, Uppsala
INTERNATIONELL KONFERENS "HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN THE 21st CENTURY". Besök konferens hemsida för mer information. Ladda ned konferensaffisch.

Call for Papers for Uppsala Yearbook of Eurasian Studies

The deadline is July 1, 2016. Download the call or see here.

UCRS i media

5 feb 2016, Aftonbladet
Ängsliga politiker gör flyktingkrisen värre

13 jan 2016, Novgorod TV
Городские депутаты, предприниматели и представители зарубежных научных объединений приняли участие в круглом столе

5 jan 2016, Expressen
Den moraliska stormakten har fallit

29 dec 2015, GP
Sveriges moraliska hybris har ett alltför högt pris

24 dec 2015, SvD 
EU riskerar ett politiskt fiasko på Balkan

Russian Orthodox Church and the new media

Digital Orthodoxy.  Artwork by Anton Semakin. Reproduced with the permission of  the artist.
Digital Orthodoxy. Artwork by Anton Semakin. Reproduced with the permission of
the artist.

We are glad to announce that Dr. Mikhail Suslov (UCRS), Dr. Greg Simons (UCRS) and Dr. Maria Engström (Dalarna University) have guest edited a fresh issue of an online peer-reviewed journal Digital Icons, Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media. The issue entitled “Digital Orthodoxy: Mediating Post-Secularity in Russia” analyses complex relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the new media. The present issue is the first academic study of how the digital technologies have been utilised and problematised by Russia’s biggest religious denomination – the Russian Orthodox Church (of Moscow Patriarchate). The authors analyse how the Orthodox Church has constructed public discourse claiming the position of an ultimate ethical judge in society. In spite of the extensive use of the internet for various religious purposes, the Church finds the internet often problematic.

The contributors to the issue focus primarily on how Orthodox officials, intellectuals and ‘ordinary’ online users reflect upon the new challenges and possibilities offered by computer-mediated communication (CMC). Within this research programme, the authors posit a series of specific questions: How does ROC is recycling its cultural and theological legacy in order to make sense of the CMC? What kind of new and original conceptualization of CMC could be developed, grounded in the Orthodox tradition of theology? How is the internet used for the purpose of raising ethical questions and staging moral panics? How is the internet shaped into a platform on which the ROC’s cultural hegemony in Russian society could be questioned or ridiculed from the secularist and atheist perspective? How does the internet enable dissenting voices of the religious heterodoxy?

To access “Digital Orthodoxy: Mediating Post-Secularity in Russia” please click on this link.

Välkomna till en ny termin vid UCRS!

Vi vill välkomna alla till vårterminen vid UCRS. Den 19 januari håller Professor Koen Schoors (Ghent University) och Professor Leonid Polishchuk (UCRS) ett seminarium under titeln "Institutions and visa regimes". På torsdag, den 21 januari kommer Dr. Yulia Gradskova från Södertörns högskola och föreläser om ”Empire, Natives and Soviet "Emancipation": Natsionalka in Documents and Films (1920s-early 1930s)”. Ett fullständigt seminarieschema hittar du under Kalendariet. Våra evenemang hålls vanligtvis i vårt bibliotek på 3:e våningen på Gamla Torget 3 med start kl 15:15.



UCRS has received a Swedish Institute grant to enhance local development in Russia and Latvia

Ann-Mari Sätre

UCRS congratulates Ann-Mari Sätre with receiving a Swedish Institute grant for the project entitled “Collaboration between Local Authorities and Small Firms for Local Development in Russia and Latvia”.

The aim of the project is to strengthen regional capability on local authority level through joint activities (workshops, seminars) in selected districts in Russia and Latvia. The ambition is to demonstrate how a supportive and creative attitude towards small business development will be of social and economic benefit to the public and thereby a step towards local democracy. Such supportive attitude implies absence of corruption, creative interest, reduced bureaucracy and openness towards collaboration. Main data will be collected from local authorities (municipalities) and representatives of the small business sector and analysed with respect to factors (in and between these organisations) which can be assumed to have impact on efficiency and development. Additional, feed-back from these organisations on preliminary results as well as qualitative data from a small amount of civic organisations and academic experts are collected to facilitate interpretation of main data.  

The project will be carried out in collaboration with the universities in Nizhny Novgorod, Veliky Novgorod, Latgale (Latvia), Aleksanteri Institute (Helsinki) and The Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University.  Project funding was received within the framework of the Swedish Institute Baltic Sea engagement programme and will run until the end of September 2016.

UCRS announces six one-month visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016

Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian studies (UCRS) is pleased to announce six one-month visiting fellowships for the academic year 2016. Applications are invited from highly qualified scholars conducting research in a field relevant to one of the three tracks that make up the UCRS research agenda:

* State and Market

* Identity Formation

* Russia's neighboring countries  

Visiting Fellows may be at various phases of their careers, from early stage post-docs to well established scholars. Applicants must hold a PhD degree or equivalent. Besides academic excellence, documented in a strong publication record, a key factor in selection is the potential for a research period to be mutually beneficial for both the visitor and for the UCRS. Visiting Fellows are expected to be active members of the UCRS research community. Applications should consist of a concise CV and a project proposal, neither to exceed two pages.

The deadline is January 15, 2016.  Please e-mail your application to the Research Director responsible for the respective track with a copy to the UCRS Information Officer Jevgenija Gehsbarga jevgenija.gehsbarga@ucrs.uu.se . For further information, please contact the Research Directors responsible for the respective tracks. 

State and Market: Professor Stefan Hedlund (stefan.hedlund@ucrs.uu.se)
Identity Formation: Professor Elena Namli (elena.namli@ucrs.uu.se)
Russia's neighboring countries: Professor Li Bennich-Björkman (li.bennich-bjorkman@ucrs.uu.se)


Vid centrum bedrivs tvärvetenskaplig forskning om Ryssland och de postsovjetiska statsbildningarna. Forskningen är organiserad utefter tre tematiska huvudområden: stat och marknad, identitetsformation och Rysslands grannländer. Vart och ett av dessa huvudområden leds av en särskild forskningsledare. Läs mer...

Gästforskare 2016

Olga Smirnova 14 feb-10 jun
Alexandra Yatsyk 15 jan-30 jun
Vasil Navumau 1 sep-31 maj

Komplett gästforskarlista 2016


För att hitta fler publikationer från UCRS, följ länken Publikationer.

Ann-Mari Sätre "Women’s entrepreneurship in Russia: impacts from the Soviet system", Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, Vol. 10 Iss. 1, 2016, pp. 53 - 69.

Simons, G. & Strovsky, D., Geopolitical Interests and Information War: US and Russia Reaction to Russia’s Proposal on the Syrian Chemical Weapons Issue, Tamkang Journal of International Affairs, 19(3),

Review by Johan Matz of "The Concept of Neutrality in Stalin’s Foreign Policy, 1945–1953" by Peter Ruggenthaler. Lanham, MD, Lexington Books. I Scandinavian Journal of History, 2016.

Vasil Navumau “The Belarusian Maidan in 2006: A New Social Movement Approach to the Tent Camp Protest in Minsk”, Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2015.
Volodymyr Kulikov "Industrialization and Transformation of the Landscape in the Donbas Region (Late 19th - Early 20th Century)." In Migration and Landscape Transformation. Changes in Central and Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th Century, edited by Heidi Hein-Kircher and Martin Zuckert. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2016.

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