International conference "Image of Islam in Russia"
6-8 October, Skarholmen
More information is coming shortly.

31/8, at 18:30, Gamla torget 3
Debate seminar "Civil Society in Russia" with Jussi Lassila (Aleksanteri Institute) and Lena Jonson (The Swedish Institute of International Affairs) in cooperation with the Swedish Society for the Study of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. RSVP August 29 to jevgenija.gehsbarga@ucrs.uu.se

6/9, at 15:15, Gamla torget 3
Seminar "Russian Military Reform" with Alexander Golts (Moskva)

8/9, at 15:15, Gamla torget 3
Seminar "Fascism in the Balkans: A Comparison between Croatia’s Ustasha and Romania's Iron Guard" with Constantin Iordachi (Central European University) in cooperation with the Hugo Valentin Centre.


25 jul 2016, Profile 
Султаны сами не уходят

15 Jun 2016, Radio France International
La droitisation de la Lettonie


Interview with Greg Simons "The Craziest Black Market in Russia"

Li Bennich-Björkman took part in the forum "Europe with a view to the future"

Welcome to a new term at the UCRS!

Biblioteket på Centrum för Rysslandsstudier
The Library at the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Most of our staff is back after summer vacation and we are preparing for the new term. Autumn seminar programme is out on our website, please follow the link to access it. During the first seminar week we are hosting two seminars: on Tuesday, September 6 Alexander Golts will talk about the growing militarism in Russia, while on Thursday , September 8 Constantin Iordachi from Central European University will discuss fascism in the Balkans from a comparative perspective.

Our seminars are held in out beautiful library situated on the 3rd floor on Gamla Torget 3 in Uppsala.


About UCRS

UCRS is an integrated multi-disciplinary long-term research program with an in-depth focus on recent developments in Russia, and in the post-Soviet space. It is designed to meet the highest international standards of scientific excellence and spans across the humanities and the social sciences, as well as law and theology. Read more...


Victoria Leshchenko 17 Jun-12 Sep

Complete guest researchers list 2016


To see more publications from the UCRS, please go to Publications.

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