Gästforskare 2017

Nedan hittar du information om de gästforskare som har varit hos oss under 2017.

Mikhail Maslovskiy

Period of stay: 15 August - 14 September
Contact: maslovski@mail.ru

Mikhail Maslovskiy is a senior researcher at the Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and a professor of National Research University Higher School of Economics, St.-Petersburg. He is an international partner of the Finnish Centre of Excellence “Choices of Russian Modernisation”. His research interests include contemporary sociological theories, historical sociology and political sociology. In particular he discussed application of the multiple modernities theory to Soviet history and post-communist political transformations in Russia. He is the author of six books and numerous articles in Russian journals. His works in English have appeared in Europe-Asia Studies, Historická Sociologie, Social Imaginaries. During his stay at UCRS (15 August – 14 September 2017) Mikhail is going to work on the project titled “Russia’s New Political Identity: Imperial Legacies and Civilisational Imaginaries”. The main aim of the study is to contribute to conceptualisation of the process of political identity formation in post-Soviet Russia with a focus on the concepts of “empire” and “civilisation”. Mikhail will hold a seminar entitled “Towards a Comparative Analysis of Transformation Processes in Brazil and Russia from the Multiple Modernities Perspective”.

Iryna Starovoyt

Period of stay: 9-21 June
Contact: irystar@gmail.com  

Iryna is an Associate Professor of Cultural Studies Department at UCU in Lviv (Ukraine) and co-editor of "Ukraina moderna" - uamoderna.com. She has been a guest lecturer at the Higher East European School in Przemysl, Poland (2008-10) and Greifswald University, Germany (2010), and a research associate at Groningen University, the Netherlands (2012-2013). Member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine since 1997, and the Association of Ukrainian Writers since 1999, she authored three volumes of poetry and a number of essays. Her research and publications have focused on  the disputed memories and cultural counter-narratives of the 20th century Ukraine told across the shifting borders in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and also covering parts of the Jewish story. On June 12 Iryna will be holding a seminar entitled “The Stories of Holodomor in the Holocaust Lands”

Louis Wierenga

Period of stay: 2-31 May
Contact: louis83@ut.ee

Louis Wierenga was awarded this year’s guest PhD position at the UCRS. He is a second year PhD student at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu. Louis holds a bachelor’s degree in history from York University in Toronto and a master’s degree in political science from Munk School of Global Affairs also in Toronto. He is writing his dissertation about the populist radical right and its relationship with the Russian-speaking minorities in the Baltic states. While at the UCRS Louis will hold a seminar entitled “Russians, Refugees and Europeans: What shapes the discourse of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia?” 

Matthew Light

Period of stay: 1 - 31 May
Contact: matthew.light@utoronto.ca

Matthew Light is associate professor of criminology and sociolegal studies at the University of Toronto.  Light received his doctorate in political science at Yale University in 2006.  His research concerns migration policy, law enforcement, and criminal justice in post-Soviet countries.  His book, Fragile Migration Rights:  Freedom of Movement in Post-Soviet Russia, was published by Routledge in 2016.   

Magnus Feldmann

Period of stay: 6 feb - 6 mar
Contact: M.Feldmann@bristol.ac.uk

Magnus Feldmann is a lecturer in politics at the University of Bristol, UK and is visiting UCRS from 6 February until 6 March 2017. His research interests include a variety of topics related to political economy and Russian, Eurasian and East European politics, and he is particularly interested in post-communist capitalism and institutions. While at UCRS he is working on a survey article that analyses different approaches to post-communist capitalism as well as a longer-term project on the Russian political economy.

Tetiana Malyarenko

Period of stay: 6 feb - 30 jun
Contact: tetyana.malyarenko@ucrs.uu.se

Tetyana Malyarenko is Professor of International Security and Jean Monnet Professor on European Security at the National University 'Odesa Law Academy', Ukraine. She is the founder and director of the Ukrainian Institute for Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution, a Ukrainian NGO, which aims to promote interdisciplinary research, research-led teaching and evidence-based advice to policy-makers on crisis management and conflict resolution in Ukraine and beyond. Her main research areas of interests include societal and economic aspects of security in transition states, human security and good governance, social conflicts and civil wars. Dr. Malyarenko has held visiting professorship at the Johns Hopkins University, Wilson Centre for International Scholars, Washington DC, University of California Berkeley, the Institute for Peace and Conflicts, University of Granada, the  University of Tromso and the University of Gothenburg. Dr. Malyarenko’s publications to date include five books and over fifty journal articles and book chapters. Tetyana Malyarenko holds a Master Degree from Donetsk National Technical University, a Candidate of Science Degree in Economics  from Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade  and a Doctor of Science Degree in Public Policy from Donetsk State Management University (thesis title: ‘Preventing Social Conflicts: The Mechanisms of Governance and Security of the State’). Dr. Malyarenko's fellowship at the UCRS is financed by the Swedish Institute Visby programme is staying at the UCRS 1 February - 30 June 2017. 

Uku Lember

Period of stay: 15 Aug 2016 - 30 Jun 2017
Contact: lember.uku@gmail.com

Uku Lember defended his PhD in 2014 at Central European University in Budapest. He is interested in the study of late Soviet Union, memory politics and ethnicities; he is also planning a study of queer history of Soviet Estonia. Uku’s dissertation was based on life-story interviews with inter-married families, titled “Silenced Ethnicity: Russian-Estonian Inter-marriages in Soviet Estonia (Oral History).” In 2015, he expanded a similar research agenda to Ukraine, asking how families with differing heritage have adjusted to conflicts in socio-cultural alignments and in which ways have their historical interpretations and imaginations of futures changed in the last years. Recently, he has spent much time in Kyiv, conducting life-story interviews with people from different regions of Ukraine. In the last years, Uku has received research grants for working at Cornell University (Telluride Association), UCL SSEES (Estonian Research Council), Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv (Erasmus Mundus) and New Europe College Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest. His most recent publication is titled “Temporal horizons in two generations of Russian-Estonian families during late socialism” (in Generational Perspectives on Sociocultural Transformations, ed. by Nugin, Kannike, and Raudsepp, 2016). While at UCRS, Uku works on the project titled “Conflict and conviviality in Ukrainian and Estonian culturally mixed marriages.” Uku Lember’s stay at the UCRS is sponsored by Visby Fellowship of the Swedish Institute.

Alaksiej Michalevic

Period of stay: 1 Sep 2016 – 31 Aug 2017
Contact: michalevic@gmail.com

Alaksiej Michalevic is a researcher and lawyer in Belarus at the Centre for Refugee Support. Mr. Michalevic holds a degree in Political Science and Law from the Belarusian State University and PhD in Social Studies from Polish Academy of Sciences. His scientific interests are EU immigration and asylum policy, post-communist transformation and international human rights law. During his stay at the UCRS he will be working on project entitled “Asylum-seekers from Countries of Eastern Partnership in Sweden and Poland: Comparative Analysis of the Decision-Making Process in Migration”. 


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